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                                   This is a wiki created for the United States amendments which protect the rights of all U.S. citizens. We currently have over 100 articles.





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2009 Edit

  • October 9: U.S. Amendments Wiki is opened!
  • October 9: 1st 10 Amendments are added.
  • October 9: Bill of Rights is added.
  • October 10: The userpage colors are changed.
  • October 10: The logo is changed.
  • October 10: The rest of the amendments are added to this wiki.
  • October 10: Unratified amendments are added.
  • October 10: 50 articles!!
  • October 11: All amendments are linked to the main page.
  • November 6: 75 articles!!!
  • November 11: 100 articles!!!!


  • January 4: The 1st New Year for the wiki.

United States AmendmentsEdit

1st Amendment----11th Amendment----21st Amendment

2nd Amendment----12th Amendment----22nd Amendment

3rd Amendment----13th Amendment----23rd Amendment

4th Amendment----14th Amendment----24th Amendment

5th Amendment----15th Amendment----25th Amendment

6th Amendment----16th Amendment----26th Amendment

7th Amendment----17th Amendment----27th Amendment

8th Amendment----18th Amendment

9th Amendment----19th Amendment

10th Amendment----20th Amendment

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